Established in March 2009 and built on family values, Onyx Supportive Living uses the philosophy of “Invitation to Responsibility”, helping individuals with varies disabilities.

Mission Statement:

Dedication to building a family oriented environment for all members of OSL will be the priority. We value honesty, self-motivation, respect, passion, accountability and diligence as the core qualities of each individual associated with OSL. Our goal is to challenge each person to become a better human being by encouraging friendliness, patience and attentiveness to all supportive living participants of OSL. Employees/Contractors with the company will receive the best training possible, rewarded with excellent compensation, incentives and advancement opportunities for their dedication to OSL. Each participant will receive special life skills training, along with continual growth and integration into the community. Onyx Supportive Living will constantly push to become a valued-respected provider in the Developmental Disabled community.

Vision Statement:

Onyx Supportive Living (OSL) will always strive to provide a family oriented environment and continual enhancement of life skills for the individuals we serve with varies disabilities. OSL will direct our focus on these primary sections to assist in empowering the individual to expand their lives. Guided by a simple phrase, “Attention to Detail”, OSL will capture success.